Your First & Smartest Choice for Breathing New Life
into Your Computer

The world’s leading memory brand, Team Group today launches an all new SSD – L3 EVO. L3 EVO SSD is using the new generation SATA II 6Gb/s transferring interface which has excellent transferring efficiency and compatibility to satisfy requirements from any kind of motherboard, notebook and embedded device. With the development of the latest processor platform, demand for SSD is also increasing day by day in the market. The ultra high cost-performance SSD – L3 EVO will shock the industry and boost your computer to the next level in storage performance. It is powered by a quad-core, 8-channel controller chip and SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s). Not only it can fully demonstrate its powerful performance, but also has a smooth read/write speed. The speed and performance of the entire system will be upgraded with write speed of up to 530MB/s, and read speed of up to 500MB/s(480/960GB). It is able to accelerate the processing speed of consumer’s computer. With more free time after work, people are also able to enjoy life and spend quality time with families and friends.


Consumers are often frustrated with poor PC performance. The key problem is not caused by poor CPU efficiency, but by slow hard drive read speed. Therefore, choosing an easy upgrade solution will definitely affect user’s work efficiency. L3 EVO SSD not only provides the best data read/write performance and lower power consumption, but its silent operation also brings users an ideal operating experience. With its compact, thin and light design, the 2.5 inch size can be installed on any compact laptops. There are 120GB/240GB/480GB/960GB, 4 capacities available for consumers’ different needs. Upgrading to L3 EVO SSD is not only your smartest choice, but also breathes new life into your PC by speeding up its boot/shutdown time and enhancing multi-tasking performance.