Workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® processors meet the most stringent demands for professionals seeking to increase productivity and rapidly bring data to life. Intel today disclosed that the world-record performance of the Intel Xeon Scalable processors is now available for next-generation expert workstations to enable photorealistic design, modeling, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and virtual-reality (VR) content creation.

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One of the most exciting trends in entertainment today is immersive 3D VR media, and professional workstations are a key component to the creation of this content. Rendering immersive media is a time-consuming process that demands the highest performance workstations. Companies like Technicolor* are using Intel Xeon Scalable processors to push the boundaries of immersive media by accelerating the creation, rendering and processing of this data, and bringing the ultimate VR creation experience to life. Marcie Jastrow, Technicolor senior vice president, Immersive Media and Head of The Technicolor Experience Center, stated, “Intel Xeon Scalable processors represent the ultimate in what is possible in VR today, and it also makes me feel very hopeful about what will happen tomorrow in immersive VR media.”

Beyond VR, many organizations are taking advantage of workstations to accelerate creation and innovation. From faster time to market with computer-aided design tools and creating ultrahigh-definition (HD) and 3D content, to improving medical care and driving faster financial trades and AI analytics, workstations give professionals a powerful productivity tool.

Unveiled in July 2017, Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver breakthrough dual-socket performance1 for the most advanced workstation professionals, offering up to 56 cores, up to 112 threads and an Intel® Turbo Boost Technology frequency up to 4.2 GHz. Expert workstations will experience up to a 2.71x boost in performance compared to a 4-year-old system2 and up to 1.65x higher performance compared to the previous generation.3

As part of today’s news, Intel also unveiled the new Intel Xeon W processors, targeting mainstream workstations. The Intel Xeon W processor delivers optimized performance1 for traditional workstation professionals by combining mainstream performance, enhanced memory capabilities, and hardware-enhanced security and reliability features.

The single-socket Intel Xeon W processor delivers mainstream performance optimized1 for the needs of traditional workstation professionals. The Intel Xeon W processor features up to 18 cores and up to 36 threads, with an Intel Turbo Boost Technology frequency up to 4.5 GHz. Mainstream workstations will experience up to a 1.87x boost in performance compared to a 4-year-old system4 and up to 1.38x higher performance compared to the previous generation.5

To learn more about gaining the ultimate performance with professional-grade workstations based on Intel Xeon processors, visit Intel’s workstation page, and to learn more about the Intel Xeon Scalable platform, visit Intel’s Xeon Scalable page.