The Technology Breakthrough of Storage Products Are Highly Praised by the World


This year, the world’s leading memory brand, Team Group will be focused on “High Speed Gaming and Creative Entertainment” at Computex Taipei during May 31st-June 4th.2016. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth (I0618) at the first floor of Nangang Hall to experience in person Team Group’s spirit of continuously surpassing ourselves and pursuing excellent quality. At the exhibition, many award winning products in recent years will be displayed, and many high performance innovative new products will also make their public appearance for the first time. It is a complete presentation of the results of our strong R&D capability driven by innovative thinking.


T-Force delivers the best gaming performance and becomes the new standard of the brand

Gaming competitions have drawn worldwide attention in the recent years and Team Group will lead the wave of gaming in 2016. Team Group’s gaming memory modules will be officially presented at the exhibition this year and integrated into T-Force product line with a new name and new package. This also announces that Team Group will ignite a trend of high speed performance in the gaming world. T-Force series is specifically designed for people who pursuit extreme high speed and excellent performance. It is the best and only choice for pro gamers and overclockers.

Continuously surpassing ourselves has been the spirit of Team Group since the company was founded. To echo with this year’s high speed gaming theme, T-Force memory series including DARK, Vulcan and Xtreem will be reintroduced with new packaging for 2016. The newly designed eye catching heat spreader not only perfectly interprets its concept features, multi layered and high efficiency forged heat spreader design can also enhance the cooling effect. In addition, T-Force Night Hawk is using top notch CNC machining to build the hawk wings symmetric type heat spreader and the breathing LED light as sharp as hawkeyes. Just plugged to the motherboard, and the nighthawk is ready to fly into the night. The high speed sensation is perfectly interpreted by its killer visual design. It is definitely the smartest choice for gamers and modders. This year Xtreem even releases an all new industry leading specification, DDR4 4266 CL18-22-22-40 1.4V. With superb quality and outstanding performance, T-Force will offer all gamers and hardware modding enthusiasts a high speed experience that is beyond compare.

At the Computex Taipei exhibition 2016, Team Group will combine the overclocking memory module and the solid state drive to exclusively release the first T-Force high performance gaming combo package. This is a complete package specifically released for players who seek high speed and excellent performance. The package includes T-Force Dark Pro and T-Force Dark 2.5” SSD, so players won’t have to worry about computer compatibility issues. It not only improves the smoothness of the game, but benchmark of gaming performance can also be enhanced by 125%.


Upgraded technology of high performance SSD and external storage products. PD700 has won the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award

Team Group offers global consumers storage products in all directions. Following the highly praised L3EVO, the L7 EVO solid state drive is released today with the newest generation of Marvell controller chip, SATA III 6Gb/s specification and selected flash memory chips. The performance requirements of any kind of motherboard, notebook and embedded device can be fulfilled and the overall file transfer performance of PC can also be increased comprehensively.


The 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award winner, PD700, is the latest high speed external storage product from Team Group. It is using the latest USB 3.1 Gen2 interface and the latest Type-c cable to provide a transfer speed of up to 10GB/s. it also has a maximum storage of 960GB. The exterior design is using Aluminum concentric circles and diamond cutting. Its exquisite craftsmanship, compact size and an amazing transfer speed make PD700 without doubt the incomparable highlight of Computex 2016.

Compact high speed USB drive expands your mobile life without any hassle

Team Group USB drive has always been the top choice of consumers because of its high speed transfer, trendy and compact design. At this year’s exhibition, we will release the compact M161 and the T162 Ring drive with USB 3.1(Gen1) high speed transfer specification. The M161 has OTG(On The Go) function, which is suitable for USB Type-C devices. With up to 64GB of storage space, you can backup and share your precious photos, videos and any kind of files as much as you like. It is also supported on both MacBook and Android mobile devices, so no more limitation on file transfer.

The T162 Ring drive is the first USB drive designed with an ergonomic grip ring and 360 degrees, four-way positioning structural design. The product design has combined the concepts of “convenience” and “ergonomics”. The grip ring is able to be rotated for easy storing inside the pocket and it works like a charm. The ultra large 128GB capacity can satisfy the needs of high speed transfer and multimedia file storage.


To satisfy consumer’s need for multitasking on expandable smart mobile devices, at this year’s exhibition, Team Group will introduce the world’s first multifunctional wireless memory card – iNFiNiTE card. It is currently the only multifunctional UHS-I high speed micro SD 3.0 memory card that has functions of wireless transfer, screen mirroring and full control from the computer. The read/write speed of iNFiNiTE card is up to 80/15MB/s. A SD memory card adapter with same specification will also be included, making it even more convenient for consumers to transfer files, sharing photos and multimedia files and backup files.


In addition, Team Group’s microSDXC colored memory card series – COLOR CARD is designed based on the idea of enjoying life with a delightful accessory by adding trendy colors onto the always dull memory cards. After gaining popularity at the Computex last year, we will launch the world’s first ultra large 256GB capacity this year at the exhibition to completely satisfy the ever growing need for storing precious memory.

Unique entertainment experience built by endless innovation. The new MoStash mini for Apple OTG has arrived

After the highly praised MoStash has won the COMPUTEX d&i Award, Team Group has been continuously developing peripherals for Apple. The all new MoStash mini WG03 will be exhibiting at Computex Taipei 2016. The size and body are made even more compact and lightweighted. Continuing the exquisite quality built MoStash WG02, the clever combination of metal and rubber brings us a perfect visual feast. In addition to MoStash mini’s compact and easy to carry size, users are able to quickly access, backup and share files without the use of computer or iTunes, so users can store and share their most precious moment at any time. The all new MoStash APP is even more user friendly than before with added practical features including entire device backup, photo sync, YouTube video downloading, Touch ID supported, etc.


Besides the trendy and premium style, Team Group also put its creativity in various fields. This year at the exhibition, we will present a playful” Brick Charger” WD02 power charger that allows users to create their own designs with compatible blocks. WD02 is a power charger with 4 charging ports and supports fast charge for 4 devices simultaneously. The body is designed with the concept of various changing colors and creative brick structures. It allows users to build a unique personal power charger that is both creatively fun and practical. Moreover, there is a storage box underneath the Brick Charger. Users can store cables or other small stuffs inside the storage box at the bottom of the power charger. This playful storage helper is definitely worth you having.






Exhibition Date and Location:

Exhibition Date: from May 31 (Tue) to June 4 (Sat), 2016

Location: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall

No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Area Components & Parts Area

Booth No.: I0618

As a leading provider of memory storage products and mobile applications to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services. For more information, please visit the Team website at or facebook