Play 8 game station, a game web platform running by M-etel, has announced their cooperation with NokNok. ( a Korean SNG mobile game developer) today by publishing one of their hottest games named 《Chef Over Flowers (꽃보다 쉐프)》. 《Chef Over Flowers》will be renamed as 《Yummy Boys (我的美味男神)》 when it launches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

《Yummy Boys》 is not the first SNG game that M-etel works with NokNok.《Happy Delivery》is. 《Happy Delivery》was launched in November 2015 and the brilliant accomplishment of 《Happy Delivery》 brought out their second cooperation,《Yummy Boys》. M-etel promises will provide users more entertaining gameplay and higher game quality than before.



In《Yummy boys(我的美味男神)》,there are hundreds of delicious cuisines for to collect and every single cuisine has its 3 levels to upgrade. That means you can sell nearly a thousand of cuisines In《Yummy boys》.Every time you upgrade a recipe, you can earn extra Exp. and get another new recipe. That means you can sell nearly a thousand of dishes in your own restaurant depends on how hard you work on it.


Another hit point of《Yummy boys》 is that you can hire the most gorgeous chefs that are specialized in foreign cuisines such as Chinese food, Korean food, French food and so on just pick whoever you want for a date. Oh! I mean for your restaurant.


Running a restaurant is never an easy job, especially when you have to overcome challenges from cooking area to serving area and even have to satisfy the famous food critic’s taste buds.

While you are busy running your restaurant, don’t forget to listen to your chefs around you. These boys need your consultation all the time, and this is the only way for you to get closer to them.


《Yummy boys》has a strong community feature, too. You can decorate your restaurant and make it your own style. Your friends can visit your restaurant and help you clean and receive the food ingredients that you ordered but fail to receive in time. You can also hire your friend as a part-timer and end up benefitting both of you. Through the game quests and animation clips, you can enjoy those romantic and funny stories that happened between you and your chefs. 《Yummy boys》will be open for you soon and you are so welcome to enjoy the variety of exotic cuisines and sweet stories here in《Yummy boys》.