For the MSI 30th anniversary milestone, Toppc & the Z170I GAMING PRO AC wrote down an unbelievable DDR4 record at 5002.4MHz, the first record broke the DDR4 5G limitation, to celebrate this memorable moment. The MSI Z170I GAMING PRO AC, MSI’s most powerful ITX Intel Z170 based motherboard, just obliterated the DDR4 memory clock world record. Overclocker Toppc was running G.Skill DDR4 4GB memory with a remarkable DDR4-SDRAM clock speed of 5002.4 MHz, achieving world’s first DDR4-5000 record and highest ever achieved memory speed. This world record is a milestone in component history, break the magical 5000 MHz mark and shows MSI’s dominant position on performance for Z170. The little Z170I GAMING PRO AC motherboard, using MSI’s unique DDR4 Boost technology, is not only packed with gaming features, it also shows that it’s perfectly suited to deliver plenty of power for heavy gaming & overclocking sessions.

Stable and highly efficient, packed with features
The Z170I GAMING PRO motherboard presents new performance features and improvements as well as technical ingenuity. Offering reliable and fast Gigabit LAN from Intel® and Audio Boost 3 technology, Z170I GAMING PRO AC provides tones of benefits for enthusiasts who looking for HTPC. Users enjoy blazing fast system boot up and loading of applications and games. Delivering speeds up to 32Gb/s, Turbo M.2, which located at the back of the motherboard, is more than 5 times faster than a regular SATA III 6 Gb/s connection with excellent experience. Furthermore, when looking for a small and efficient workstation, this little ITX performer is perfectly capable of handling heavy workstation tasks. For more information about Z170I GAMING PRO AC, please visit MSI official website.