NVIDIA’s increased focus in the gaming market conforms to COMPUTEX’s emphasis on Gaming and E-Sports this year. At the COMPUTEX press conference, Alex Chang, TASA Technical Marketing Manager at NVIDIA, shared his views on the importance of quality graphic process unit (GPU) for overachieving gamers and that a high performing GPU is essential to enhance system’s visual computing. As a world leading brand, Mr. Chang spoke of NVIDIA’s graphic-rich GPU built for PC gamers as well as his observation on the gaming industry trend.

NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing. The GPU serves as the visual cortex of modern computers and is at the heart of NVIDIA’s products and services. NVIDIA continues to be one of the most reputable international brand and the first choice for professional gamers.

With the changing demand of the gaming market, NVIDIA focuses on the development of virtual reality and mobile entertainment. It established virtual reality of VR Ready standard to provide players with the perfect match of efficient hardware and optimized software, letting players simply immersed in the world of games. At the same time, NVIDIA also develops chips for mobile entertainment. The thin hardware provides hi quality entertainment, achieves diversification of development, and showing growth potential in the gaming markets.