D-Link today announced two new whole-home Wi-Fi solutions, the Covr Wi-Fi System (DKT-883) and the Covr PowerLine Wi-Fi System (DHP-W732AV). The Covr Wi-Fi system is a simple, intelligent solution that uses a high-performance router and seamless extender to create a single network with ultra-fast speeds and reliable connectivity, to even the farthest reaches of a home. The Covr PowerLine Wi-Fi System (DHP-W732AV), one of the first whole-home Wi-Fi solutions to utilize PowerLine technology as a foundation, uses the existing home router and a set of adapters to create a full coverage solution.

While other mesh network solutions rely on multiple access points, D-Link’s Covr Wi-Fi System uses a premium router as the backbone of the wireless network. The router provides the advanced features and speed needed to power bandwidth intensive activities like 4K streaming and gaming on multiple devices. Combined with seamless extenders to cover hard to reach areas, Covr delivers a Wi-Fi signal to all areas of the home including upstairs, basements and backyards.

“D-Link’s Covr technology transforms the traditional router-extender solution to an easy to use Wi-Fi System that eliminates the hassles of traditional Wi-Fi while blanketing an entire home with a reliable, fast signal,” said Anny Wei, president, D-Link. “Covr is a breakthrough system with advanced networking features designed to address today’s home Wi-Fi needs.”

D-Link’s line of Covr products utilize award-winning Wi-Fi solutions with self-organizing network (Wi-Fi SON) features from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, to simplify networking and deliver exceptional whole-home coverage.

“With consumer demands for better broadband experiences on the rise, it’s important for OEMs and technology providers to collaborate effectively on the right challenges,” said Gopi Sirineni, Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “D-Link’s new Covr device, armed with our Wi-Fi SON solution, is designed to ensure consumers will have a seamless, reliable and high quality experience throughout their home now and into the future.”

The Covr PowerLine Wi-Fi System (DHP-W732AV)1 creates a whole-home Wi-Fi network using advanced PowerLine technology as the foundation. PowerLine uses the home’s existing electrical wiring to transfer network data, essentially turning electrical circuitry into a high-speed wired network and making every power socket a potential network outlet3. Using the existing home router, the Cover PowerLine Wi-Fi System extends Wi-Fi coverage to hard-to-reach areas of the home as well as the wired network. Featuring three Gigabit Ethernet ports per adapter, users can connect computers, smart TVs and other devices, eliminating the need to run Ethernet cables throughout the home.

Covr Wi-Fi System Key Features:

    • MU-MIMO Technology: Efficiently handles large groups of concurrent users
    • Smart Steering: Devices automatically connect to the router and range extender depending on which networking device provides the optimal Wi-Fi signal
    • 11AC Wireless Speeds:
    • o AC2600 Dual-Band MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router (DIR-883) – 4×4 11ac with up to 1733Mbps on the 5GHz band and 800Mbps on 2.4GHz band for maximum throughput with less interference


      o AC1300 Gigabit Wi-Fi Extender (DAP-1655) – 2×2 11ac with up to 867Mbps on the 5GHz band and 400Mbps on the 2.4GHz band


  • Dynamic Adaption: Load balancing to ensure the 2.4GHz and 5GHZ bands are optimized
  • Easy Setup: Router and Extender come pre-paired out of the box for simple setup
  • Backwards Compatible: Supports legacy devices and Wi-Fi standards (802.11n/g)

source : techpowerup