Unlock the Power of the Intel® 200-Series with ASRock’s new Motherboards

TAIPEI, Taiwan, JAN 4th, 2017 – The leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is pleased to announce the launch of its Intel® 200 series motherboard range. These new ASRock boards are the first to unleash the extreme performance of the latest 7th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Pentium® and Celeron® Socket 1151 processors – by providing all the advanced features necessary to make the most of their raw power. The ASRock range offers something for everyone with the gaming series, extreme series, high performance pro series, and killer series.

The Flagship: Z270 SuperCarrier

The design of ASRock’s flagship Z270 SuperCarrier motherboard evokes the style and power of the world’s mightiest warship, the supercarrier, with features that will blast the competition out of the water. The Z270 SuperCarrier’s PCI-E Steel Slots provide ultimate graphics with 4-Way SLI and 4-Way CrossFireX, plus full NVIDIA® Quadro SLI support. The advanced PCI-E Steel Slots packed with solid cover that prevents any signal interference with graphics cards. It also ensures the heavy graphics cards to be well-installed in the PCI-E slots safely. Two Thunderbolt 3 connectors with a 40Gb/s data rate are able to drive super high resolution displays up to 4K x 2K (4096 x 2304) at 60Hz, plus high speed external storage, and other advanced devices. The highly desirable reversible USB 3.1 Type-C interface delivers the breathtaking 10 Gb/s data transfer speeds and also supports USB PD 2.0 charging up to 12V@3A (36W).

This is an AQUANTIA 5 Gigabit Ethernet motherboard, based on AQUANTIA’s AQtion client controller, that offers blazingly fast 5-gigabit/sec transfer speeds over 100m of Cat5e/Cat6 cables, which is 5X faster than standard gigabit LAN. Specifically designed to satisfy users who are seeking immediate performance improvements. There’s also Intel® Dual LAN plus 802.11ac WiFi connection for immediate network and internet performance improvement.

The All-Rounder: Z270 Taichi

Building on the success of the popular X99 Taichi, the new Z270 Taichi motherboard provides a perfect balance of price and performance. This all-rounder mainstream board offers three PCIe Gen 3 x4 / SATA3 Ultra M.2 slots – the world’s fastest – delivering up to 32Gb/s transfer speed, and also supporting RAID function for ultra-fast storage performance. Onboard 802.11ac WiFi provides instant wireless networking connectivity with unsurpassed reliability and to enhance the throughput there are also Dual Intel® Gigabit LAN ports. ASRock’s renowned Purity Sound™ 4 is a suite of advanced audio technologies that offer the crispest and most spacious sound and music to audiophiles, gamers and casual users, with features like 7.1 CH HD audio, the latest Realtek ALC1220 and a 120dB SNR DAC with differential amplifier. This board’s dual USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C sockets offer reliable, high-speed connectivity for millions of peripherals today and into the future.

The Gamer: Fatal1ty Z270 Professional Gaming i7

Professional gaming legend, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel’s Fatal1ty Z270 Professional Gaming i7 is a gaming motherboard that’s designed by a legendary gamer for gamers. This board is tuned to provide the ultimate gaming performance to dominate the competition for any level of PC gaming. The AQUANTIA 5Gb/s LAN offers 5X faster speed compared to gigabit LAN. It helps ensure lower latency and superlative download speeds, for the best on-line gaming performance. The gamer’s favorite, Creative SoundBlaster Cinema 3, is built-in for super-realistic sound and pinpoint positional accuracy – it offers a new world of cinematic audio that brings unprecedented audio realism, dynamics and punch to gaming sound. Three PCI-E Steel Slots ensure rock solid, reliable connectivity for graphics cards in any situation.

Premium Features On Each And Every Motherboard

Every motherboard in this new ASRock series boasts a long list of standout features that combine to set them apart from previous generations of motherboards. Those features include support for Intel’s Optane™ memory technology and Optane™ storage technology, introducing a new standard of high performance and responsiveness, plus more than enough M.2 slots. ASRock adds dazzling AURA RGB LED lighting to show off the unique board design and make the system look its best in any environment. The LED effects are easily controllable with the utility from ASRock’s APP Shop.

To find out more about all the new motherboards in ASRock’s 200 series, including the gaming series, extreme series, high price performance pro series, and killer series, please visit the ASRock Website.

Watch video for more information :

Thermaltake introduces Riing LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition

Taipei, TaiwanJuly 27th, 2016- To fulfill the most demanding users, Thermaltake introduces its first digital radiator fan series Thermaltake Riing LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition, a patented LED circular 256 multicolored 120mm radiator fan with Riing RGB Software. Through the software, users can easily adjust fan speed as well as fan colors for up to 48 Riing RGB fans. Especially, users can switch between “Performance” mode and “Silent” mode by simply dragging the “FAN MODE” bar. In addition, the “Color Palette” enables users to set the fan color to whatever they want. Users can also use “RGB Cycle” to switch to a 256 multicolored mode. The lighting effect of the patented LED ring is visible from all direction. Regard the fan design, the blades are optimized to generate large air volume and achieve the best cooling performance. Moreover, the fan features hydraulic bearing that promises ultra-low noise. To strengthen the stability during operation, the four corners of the RGB fan are special designed with anti-vibration pads. Light up your game world with Thermaltake Riing 12 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium!

More Details about Thermaltake Riing LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition:

Thermaltake Riing RGB Software
The Riing RGB software supports 6 languages and allows users to connect with a maximum of 16 digital fan hubs. Through the control panel, users can quickly change the Fan Speed Mode for the corresponding fan to either “Performance” operation or “Silent” operation. By dragging the “FAN MODE” bar, users can even freely adjust the maximum fan speed between two modes. Performance Mode is 500~1400 R.P.M, Silent Mode is 500~1000 R.P.M. In addition, the “Color Palette” enables users to set the fan color to whatever they want. Alternatively, users can choose “RGB Cycle” to switch to a 256 multicolored mode. The control panel is also designed with a “LED Brightness” bar, allowing users to adjust the lighting effect for each fan. Moreover, by clicking “Copy Color”, users can readily apply the color of the first fan to the rest of fans. The real-time fan warning alert is another featured function of the software. Once the fan stops operating, the control panel of the failed fan will be grey out.

Digital Fan Hub
The self-contained digital fan hub allows users to connect up to 3pcs of Riing RGB fans. Additionally, on the back side of each fan hub, there is a DIP switch which is convenient for users to set a number for the controller.

Eleven Fan Blade Design
Eleven fan blades are engineered to generate large volumes of air to cool the system and make a perfect balance between silent and performance. In addition, the Riing LED RGB fan is designed with PWM function which allows the motherboard to run the fan precisely at its necessary speed. This guarantees the required cooling performance as well as minimizes the noise level.

Hydraulic Bearing with Low-Noise Design
The hydraulic bearing self-lubricates with a high-quality, friction-reducing substance, which lowers operation noise and improves efficiency. The seal cap prevents lubricant leakage and improves the lifespan of the unit.

Wind Blocker Frame
To achieve maximum cooling performance in all applications, the wind blocker frame is designed to direct airflow towards the middle section of the blade, thereby creating a compression effect and blocking any air from escaping. This special design reduces the blade’s noise and vibration, creating a perfect balance between power and sound.

Anti-Vibration Mounting System
In-mold injection anti-vibration rubber pads provide a hassle-free usage with 80% protection coverage for all corners.

Thermaltake 2016 Modding Fighting Championship & 2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Winning Projects to Be Displayed At CES 2017

Taipei, TaiwanJuly 13th, 2016Thermaltake announces the champion of Thermaltake 2016 Modding Fighting Championship (MFC), along with the top 3 winners of the 2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1. Both competitions have successfully ended, and the list of winners has been selected at the end of June. Suchao Prowphong from Thailand won the 1st place in the 2016 MFC. For the 2016 CaseMOD Season 1, the winners are Peter Brands from the Netherlands; Ali Abbas from Germany; and Corey Gregory from Australia.

Thermaltake 2016 Modding Fighting Championship (MFC) Recap
Look back at the events, Thermaltake is proud to invite the champions of 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 and Season 2 to participate the 2016 MFC. To raise the difficulty level of the competition, this time, Thermaltake set Thermaltake WP100 Super Tower Chassis as the theme.

2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Recap
For the 2016 CaseMOD Season 1, it features eleven of the world’s top case modders from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, China, Vietnam and Japan. The modding theme is Thermaltake Core P5 Open-Frame ATX Wall-Mount Chassis. To simulate the contestant’s’ creativity, the modders in both contests were given a Thermaltake Toughpower DPS GRGB 1250W Titanium smart power supply and an unlimited selection of Thermaltake liquid cooling components to mod and install onto their build.



Both CaseMOD events have successfully ended. Thermaltake would like to thank our Premium SponsorNewegg (www.newegg.com), and sponsors ASUS, AVEXIR, Intel and SAMSUNG for making these competitions possible. Lastly, Thermaltake would like to congratulate the top three winners and thank all the modders who participated in this event, everyone did a fantastic job! The MODs of the winners will also all be displayed at the Thermaltake showroom at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meet the Winners
Thermaltake 2016 Modding Fighting Championship (MFC)
²  Champion Suchao Prowphong: the most well-known modder in Thailand, Suchao showed his sophisticated modding skills again by transforming the Core WP100 into a gorgeous Death Race mod which was inspired by the film Death Race.

The 2016 Thermaltake Case MOD Invitational Season 1
²  1st Place Peter Brands: an electrician from the Netherlands, Peter applied an innovative way to craft a liquid cooling desk in the event. Simplicity at its best, his project Tt Desk is a great showcase of Thermaltake LCS components with stunning lighting.

²  2nd Place Ali Abbas: German modder Ali is also known as Alan Lee or Abbas-IT on other forums. His has done a brilliant craftsmanship and awesome woodwork on his build called PIRACY AND PROPHECY. Everything is very detailed and handcrafted.

²  3rd Place Corey Gregory: based on the Star War theme, Corey from Australia has put a lot of work into his TIE P5 Advanced creation. Especially, he demonstrated his excellent craftsmanship to do a great replica of the Ti-Fighter.

Mark of Perfection
This year’s entries were all top quality and have demonstrated their sophisticated modding skills. Hence, it was hard for the judges to decide who should win the competitions. The judges had to evaluate and score three aspects of the participant builds, including Originality, Style, and the LCS Loop. After two weeks of community voting, Newegg internal voting, professional modders, and Thermaltake internal voting all votes pointed to Suchao Prowphong, Peter Brands, Ali Abbas and Corey Gregory.

For more details on Thermaltake 2016 Modding Fighting Championship and the Thermaltake 2016 CaseMod Invitational Season 1 please visit:
Official Website – http://casemod.thermaltake.com/2016s1/ or download the App “Tt MOD” on App Store or Google Play

2016 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Winner Announcement Video:
2016 MFC Winner Announcement Video:

For more details on the Thermaltake Core P5 ATX Wall Mount Panoramic Viewing Computer Chassis please visit:
For more details on the Thermaltake Core WP100, Core W100, and Core P100 please visit:
Core WP100 http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002803
Core W100 http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002802
Core P100 http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002804

The Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy with 5 Top Modders In Collaboration with bit-tech and SCAN Nearing Its End‧Vote for Your Favourite Casemod!

Taipei, TaiwanMay 3rd, 2016Thermaltake, an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units, in collaboration with bit-tech is proud to kick off the voting for the best casemods spawned by the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by SCAN. Some of the top 5 British modders sponsored by Thermaltake, had about three months time to turn the Thermaltake Core X31 Mid-Tower Chassis into a unique piece of art. A casemod does of course not only consist of a chassis, so all participants of the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by SCAN were provided with an Intel Core i5-6600K, 8GB RAM of HyperX Fury memory, Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha motherboard with RGB lighting and headers, 240GB HyperX Savage SSD, Thermaltake Asus Strix GTX 970 graphics card, Thermaltake Pacific DIY liquid cooling like the Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit, Pacific RL140 D5 Water Cooling Kit, C1000 Opaque Coolant, and the Thermaltake Smart DPS G 750W Gold PSU withSmart Power Management (SPM) system plus a broad selection of other products from the Thermaltake product portfolio. The styles of the modders could not have been more different and we at Thermaltake stand in awe of the results. Each casemod is a true master piece but there can only be one winner – and that is where the bit-tech community comes in.

From May 2nd to May 5th you will be able to vote for your favourite mod in the bit-tech forums. The winners will be presented on Friday, May 6th, and will also include the votes of a selected jury panel, consisting of other modders and representatives from Thermaltake, SCAN and bit-tech.

To vote for your favourite casemod of the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by SCAN, please visit the bit-tech forum and create an account. You can find the link to the voting thread here:

The winner of the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by SCAN will be invited to the Thermaltake headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan, during Computex 2016 and attend the world’s most important IT and technology show at Thermaltake’s expense. The winning casemod will also be shown at the Thermaltake booth at Computex. The second and third placed modders receive a gaming peripheral package from Thermaltake’s gaming brand Tt eSPORTS. All modders get to keep the provided hardware.
Furthermore, the best three casemods from the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by SCAN will be showcased at the Insomnia 58 Gaming Festival at the NEC Birmingham in August 2016.

For more details on the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by SCAN please visit: www.bit-tech.net/modding/2016/02/11/thermaltake-uk-modding-trophy/1

Thermaltake Sponsored Products
Core X31 Mid-Tower Chassis:
Smart DPS G 750W Gold Smart Power Supply Unit:
Smart Power Management (SPM) system:

Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit:

Pacific RL140 D5 Water Cooling Kit:

Thermaltake VGA Water Block for ASUS STRIX-GTX 970:

C1000 Opaque Coolant:
Blue – http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002792
Red – http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002796
White – http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002797
Green – http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002793
Yellow – http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002798
Orange – http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002794
Purple – http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002795

Meet the Modders

Alex Banks is a 23 year old PC designer and case modder from London. He has been building and modding PCs since 2011 and has since become one of his major passions. He loves trying to push the boundaries of PC design, whether it be through modern techniques like CNC machining and 3D printing or older styles like wood carving and marquetry.
His first big break came with Bit-Tech and Intel’s 2013 “Design a NUC” competition, where he placed first with his 3D printed entry, Vesper. Alex has since gone on to be featured in Intel’s #Expertmode and #3DNext initiatives along with two nominations for “Mod of the Year” on Bit-Tech and a spread in Custom PC magazine. His LAN rig, titled Loramentum, was featured by Forbes and won Mod of the Month on Bit-Tech, Linus Tech Tips and Overclock.net.
Skills in 3D design allow him to attempt to match reality to his 3D concepts and to play with different forms and construction methods, making each of his projects unique in how they are planned.
For the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by SCAN, he fit the case with a CNC machined mid-panel with the watercooling integrated into the Core X31 chassis. The whole interior appears to float within the case and follows a silver and purple theme.
Website: www.praetex-design.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Praetex.Design


Ali Abbas is a 48 year old German based Brit, who has been ruffling up the German as well as the international case modding scene for quite a few years now. He is an artist with extreme passion for technical based art and while not condemning automation processes like CNC, laser cutting and 3D printing, he prefers showing that handiwork can beat the machine when it comes to his art. With at least 40 casemods and many other pieces of art under his belt, he has been successfully attending contests, competitions and championships across the globe for over 7 years and counting, been featured in over 20 TV programmes as well as been shown and featured in various national and international magazines, like CUSTOM-PC, Computer-Bild, Focus, PC-Gamer, Franken-Manager, PC-Games and Hardware and Polygon, just to mention a few.
He is the first casemodder world wide to have had his own long term museum exhibition in Schwabach, Germany, which went over 5 months and was a great success. The exhibition will eventually be reopened again in 2016 with his new creations too.
Ali’s philosophy is “Don’t see what it is, see what it will be”. All in all, he is a case modder who knows no sleep, does not need much of a budget because he likes scrapping and salvaging old parts and materials and is a force to be reckoned with.
Website: www.computer-designer.com

Joseph Glover builds under the name ‘MODZERO and goes by ‘HackJoe’ on many of the popular enthusiast and modding forums. Computers have fascinated him since childhood, from dismantling the family PC at 10 years old to building his first custom PC as a teenager. Limited budget drove him to get the most from his hardware. He was soon hooked on overclocking which in turn lead to aftermarket cooling, from there his passion for the platform intensified.
Each time he built himself a new PC he would take it a step further. The focus was on peak performance with great attention placed on build aesthetics. He derives a lot of joy from planning, designing and building custom PCs. In 2015 he created ‘MODZERO’ to showcase the builds which quickly brought attention from industry leading brands.
Instagram: instagram.com/modzero_customs
Facebook: www.facebook.com/modzeromods

Marco Silva (also known as F3nix Mods) was born in Portugal but moved over to England when he was 21 years old. Over the past 3 years, modding became not only a hobby but also a great way to relieve stress and an escape from reality for him. He finds it a great way to unwind and forget about the daily stress. The pleasure and sense of achievement of creating something unique is what drives him forward.
The amount of different materials and techniques that he works with and learned along the way is incredible and the constant search for new ways makes modding, in his own words, “one of the best and more rewarding hobbies”.
His project for the Thermaltake UK Modding Trophy powered by SCAN is named “Magma Core” and when you see it, you will know why.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/F3nixMods/

Robert Deluce is married with 2 kinds and from Huddersfield in the UK. After leaving school, he studied art and design, followed by graphic design. His jobs have mostly been art related in some way. In his free time he likes to mod computers, drive motorbikes, painting/drawing, movies and collecting figures and other things related to his favourite movies and tv shows. He has been in PC modding on and off since around 1997. For this build, his goal was to present the provided products from the sponsors as well as possible while also adding his own style to the parts with some airbrushing, custom made panels and an extra side window.

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