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ASRock Z170M OC Formula Reaches 7025.66 MHz with Intel® Core i7 6700K

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 1, 2016 – Unless you are caught in a PC system arms race, most motherboards do not necessarily need over the top specifications, especially when you’re competition is against the one smirking back at you in the mirror. At this point, forget all of the fancy yet impractical features, abandon those superficial so called designs, and look no further than ASRock Z170M OC Formula – the secret formula to excel yourself in overclocking.

Just recently this miniature sized motherboard proved that smaller size doesn’t necessarily mean inferior performance. Contradictorily, by pairing ASRock Z170M OC Formula with an Intel® Core i7 6700K processor, the masterful overclocker John Lam hit an unprecedented 7025.66 MHz! Currently ranking number one for the highest frequency with a Core i7 6700K CPU on HWBOT.

As the name suggests, ASRock Z170M OC Formula is an mATX sized Skylake motherboard specially built for extreme overclocking. Akin to its bigger brother ASRock Z170 OC Formula, which is also designed by the legendary overclocker Nick Shih, this one is a revamp to make it more compact for clearer signals. Plus several hardware enhancements, such as the ten layer PCB that immensely improves the memory signals, ASRock CPU Cold Bug Killer that prevents the system from crashing under liquid nitrogen’s extremely low temperatures. And of course, the regular list of features dubbed OC Formula Kits, the Super Alloy feature set, also an IR PowIRStage PWM, Hyper BCLK Engine, and so on.


X99A GAMING PRO CARBON with front USB 3.1 Type-C and U.2 is here! Dedicated to gamers seeking to customize their rig while demanding great performance.

MSI is proud to announce the latest X99 Performance GAMING motherboard, the X99A GAMING PRO CARBON, world’s first motherboard offering front USB 3.1 Type-C. This new motherboard has been built from the ground up and has a completely new design for its heavy plated heatsinks and covers, based on the latest CARBON look & feel. Besides this totally new design, the X99A GAMING PRO CARBON motherboard also comes packed with several new and unique MSI features such as new Mystic Light with smartphone control over WIFI including a Mystic Light extension RGB cable and pin header. Onboard Turbo U.2 is present to support the latest and greatest SSDs available in the market supporting NVMe. DDR4 Boost is accompanied by DDR4 Steel Armor to ensure the best memory performance. The X99A GAMING PRO CARBON is the first X99 model featuring Game Boost with 8 gears up to 5GHz of one-second-overlocking! Last but not least, this model has been designed and optimized for next-generation Intel ‘Broadwell-E(P)’ processors. So whether looking for extreme performance or endless customization, the new X99A GAMING PRO CARBON is sure to deliver.

World’s first motherboard offering front USB 3.1 Type-C
Direct USB Type-C is compatible with next generation PC chassis, perfect for the latest smartphones and great for next generation mobile storage devices, the X99A GAMING PRO CARBON is world’s first motherboard to feature front USB 3.1 Type-C.

Perfect for gamers who love customization and demand great performance
One of the features of the X99A GAMING PRO CARBON motherboard is its Mystic Light RGB LED feature, supporting up to 16.8 million colors and 17 LED effects to style your rig in any way possible. You can now even do it simply through WIFI by using your smartphone as you skip through all the colors. Mystic Light Extension, dedicated pin header for 4-pin RGB-strip & lighting control, extends your style to everything.

Game changing sound experience with Audio Boost 3 featuring Nahimic

Enjoy the best and purest sound through Audio Boost 3. Audio Boost 3 comes with a selection of best audio components to deliver a studio-grade sound experience, onboard! This high-end dedicated onboard sound card delivers game changing sound quality. Nahimic places your user experience right at the heart of their software, offering you highly sought-after gaming benefits: Virtual Sound, Voice Leveler, Bass Boost, Noise Gate & Reduction and HD Audio Recorder. Audio Boost 3 with Nahimic makes sure you dominate the battlefield through crystal clear sound and pin-point precision. Sound tracker let you dominate enemies in every game and Audio Launchpad make you interact easily with your audience when streaming awesome gameplay.

Take advantage from next-gen storage solutions
Enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely fast loading of applications and games with MSI GAMING motherboards. MSI offers a whole new generation of high speed storage support through onboard Turbo M.2 and now also onboard Turbo U.2, transfer data through a PCI Express 3.0 x4 interface up to 32 Gb/s, making it 5x faster than SATA 3.0 solutions. By offering this wide variety of storage solutions the X99A GAMING PRO CARBON motherboard supports the latest and greatest high performance SSDs such as the new Intel 750 series with support for NVMe. USB 3.1 Gen2 is 2x faster than USB 3.0 and as a result of innovative engineering the X99A GAMING PRO motherboard offers both a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A and Type-C interface for the most convenient and fast mobile storage solutions. The X99A GAMING PRO CARBON is ready to satisfy even the most demanding gamer and power user.

FSP Memperkenalkan Power Supply Seri Hydro Bersertifikat 80PLUS Bronze

Efisien dan Terpercaya dengan Harga Terjangkau

Taipei, Taiwan – 16 Maret 2016 – Produsen power supply terkemuka FSP, spesialis penyedia solusi daya listrik, dengan bangga meluncurkan seri baru gaming power supply: Seri Hydro. Dengan banyaknya pengalaman dalam memproduksi power supply berefisiensi tinggi, seri Hydro adalah hasil dari penerapan standar tinggi produksi FSP untuk kinerja yang handal namun harga tetap terjangkau. PT Nusantara Jaya Teknologi selaku distributor tunggal FSP di Indonesia memastikan ketersediaan FSP Hydro 500w, 600w, 700w di pasar Indonesia pada April 2016 dengan harga $ 59.99 / $ 69.99 / 79.99 usd , secara berturut-turut.


Selain sempurna untuk GPU yang memerlukan banyak daya, rel tunggal +12v juga memberikan stabilitas dan kemudahan penggunaan. Dapatkan potensi maksimum power supply dengan kemampuan untuk tetap memberikan arus bersih walaupun dengan beban berat.


Seri Hydro bersertifikat 80Plus® Bronze dengan efisiensi maksimal sampai dengan 88 %, juga dilengkapi dengan kipas berukuran 120mm. Kipas control yang cerdas dapat menyesuaikan kecepatan kipas untuk kinerja pendinginan yang optimal. Bahkan meskipun diberi beban maksimum, power supply seri ini tetap senyap.


Kabel pita yang ramping mempermudah gamer dan penggemar PC untuk mendapat tampilan sistem yang rapi dan terorganisir. Dengan panjang (450mm) 20 + 4 pin, kabel dapat dengan mudah disambungkan ke motherboard tray sehingga dapat meminimalkan kekacauan dan memaksimalkan aliran udara / airflow.


FSP memastikan dapat memberikan lebih dari 85 % efisiensi dengan jangkauan tegangan AC yang berkisar dari 160v sampai 280v. Bahkan ketika tegangan listrik tidak stabil, Anda dapat mengandalkan daya yang konsisten dari FSP Seri Hydro bersertifikat 80 PLUS Bronze.


FSP Seri Hydro bersertifikat 80 PLUS Bronze kini hadir di Indonesia dengan versi 500w / 600w / 700w.


  • Bersertifikasi 230V 80PLUS® Bronze dengan efisiensi maksimal 88 %
  • Dilengkapi dengan desain powerful single rail + 12V
  • Desain aliran udara yang canggih dengan kebisingan rendah walaupun di beri beban maksimum
  • Sesuaikan dengan standar terbaru ATX12V & EPS12V
  • Ukuran input AC yg bervariasi dari 160V ke 280v
  • SLI dan Crossfire ready
  • Perlindungan penuh : perbaikan / koreksi ketika terjadi kelebihan tegangan, arus, daya, atau di bawah tegangan, dan arus pendek
  • Garansi 3 tahun dari PT Nusantara Jaya Teknologi, kunjungi untuk detail layanan garansi

1st VR Ready, MSI is Ahead of all Competitors The Only Brand Certified by Intel and HTC Vive

Taipei, Taiwan –As the No.1 in Gaming brand in the gaming industry, MSI is always ahead of others in meeting users’ needs by introducing the most up-to-date solutions and offering the most complete gaming features for extreme gamers. VR ready is not at all a new subject for MSI. Early in 2015, seeing the trend and the potential of Virtual Reality, MSI set up a VR lab and had a whole team researching on this technology. Being several steps ahead of all the others, MSI is therefore now the only brand in the market that offers the most reliable VR ready notebooks.

1st VR Ready Notebook
To experience and enjoy the impressive world of Virtual Reality, high-performance hardware is required. MSI, world leading brand in high-end gaming and eSports, provides the right advice to make sure your system is VR Ready. Integrating the very best of cutting edge technologies in recommended MSI VR gaming rigs for smooth performance, MSI and our VR partners together bring gamers an extremely realistic VR experience where games come alive.

1st and the Only HTC Vive Certified VR Ready Notebook
HTC Vive is so far the most demanding VR device yet provides the most immersive VR experience. The hardware standard required to run HTC Vive smoothly is therefore much critical than VR devices. Working closely with HTC from the very first beginning, MSI gaming notebooks are now the only HTC Vive certified gaming laptops one can find in the market.
*MSI HTC Vive optimized gaming notebooks,

1st and the Only Intel Certified VR Ready Notebook
For smooth and immersive VR experience, both the graphics card and the processor are important. MSI is the first and so far the only brand featuring Intel VR technology which will further optimize the VR experience. * Intel Certified VR-ready gaming notebooks,

1st VR Lab
Established in early 2015, MSI VR Lab started to work with key VR players and initiated new gaming notebook design and development programs solely for the optimization for VR devices. Thorough tests were and will be continuously conducted and released to the public, including the latest VR certifications received by MSI gaming notebooks and new VR-supported gaming titles. *Check the latest VR information,

1st VR Development and Cooperation Platform
MSI believes that VR can change the way of gaming and will certainly play an important role in the future. As a market leader, MSI welcomes and encourages innovators to participate in the development process and to work together to further perfect this technology.
*Join MSI VR cooperation program,


Introducing the new Lower Power edition of the ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 950. Putting a new twist on this energy efficient Maxwell™ card, it now draws even less power than before. If you have ever wanted to take your first steps into building a gaming rig or even just needed some extra graphics power for your computer, the ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 950 Low Power was designed exactly for you!

The GeForce® GTX 950 series is the successor to the GeForce® GTX 750 and 650 series, which have long dominated the entry level gaming segment of the industry. Each generation has brought higher processing power and lower power consumption and have each been highly sought after for their cost to performance ratio.

With 768 CUDA cores and 2GB of GDDR5, this card can handle most AAA games on Ultra/High settings. Not only that but the low power consumption means adding this card to most computers won’t even require an upgrade in power supply, making it one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades for those that need that extra punch in graphics processing. With 1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI, and 1x DVI, this little guy can power up to 3 displays, maximizing your efficiency.

Learn more about GeForce® GTX 950 Low Power

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G.SKILL Introduces 5 New Color Schemes to Trident Z Series DDR4 Memory

Taipei, Taiwan (6 May 2016) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is introducing 5 new color schemes to the highly popular extreme performance Trident Z series to select specifications. Aside from the classic Trident Z design of silver and black brushed aluminum heatspreader with a red top-bar highlight, the new color schemes include a black brushed aluminum body paired with orange, yellow, or white top-bar or a silver brushed aluminum body with white or black top-bar.

With a rise in popularity of modding and cases with window designs, these 5 new Trident Z color schemes are developed for enthusiasts, gamers, and modders who not only wish to include high performance memory in their systems, but also to add attractive visual appeal and show off their unique selection of hardware. Available in yellow, orange, white, and black highlights, these new color schemes pair exceedingly well with modern motherboard designs based on the X99 and Z170 chipsets.
These new colors are expected to be available at the end of May 2016. At launch, the new color schemes will be available in select specifications only. Please see the chart below for details.


For more pictures, see the Trident Z Color Series gallery below:



Reaching New Heights! Team Group’s MoStash Won the COMPUTEX d&i Awards

The global leading memory brand, Team Group releases MoStash which is the world’s first portable and transformable phone stand flash drive for iPhone. After receiving the 2015 Golden Pin Design Award which was held by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, MoStash has been standing out among numerous top design awards in the global Chinese market and generating positive reviews from world renowned experts. And now, once again, it receives recognition from the COMPUTEX d&i award which hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in cooperation with the International Forum Design (iF). MoStash’s carefully refined design has won it many awards after its release. Again, it shows Team Group’s strong R&D capabilities and the determination in continuous pursuit of innovation to present an outstanding design.

MoStash is the world’s first Apple OTG flash drive that is transformable into an iPhone stand, which can greatly enhance the entertainment experience. Along with its comprehensive and elaborated design, the innovative “Double Arc” design is in a class by itself. MoStash is using Lightning/USB 3.0 dual interfaces to instantly expand the storage capacity of iPhone/iPad. Users are able to transfer files directly without internet of iTunes. The easy and simple operation allows users of any age to start immediately. With practical, human-centered App and excellent file encryption function, MoStash has become the most trustworthy mobile digital storage device. After the recent launch of the first wave, the three colors of gold, silver and space grey have received tremendous response from the consumers. In addition, an elegant new color, rose gold was introduced recently. The beautiful and premium look is not only adored by the ladies, but it is also a unique accessory for fashion tech people.

After winning the 2016 COMPUTEX d&i award, MoStash and the show organizer will have overseas traveling exhibitions at iconic international ICT shows such as CES in the United States, IFA in Germany, MWC in Spain, etc. Combined with ergonomics, elegant design and satisfying every need in storage, MoStash’s industrial leading and extraordinary design will shine to the world in the future on behalf of Taiwan!


MoStash Video:


As a leading provider of memory storage products and mobile applications to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services. For more information, please visit the Team website at or facebook


MSI X99 motherboards now fully support Intel next-generation LGA- 2011-3 Broadwell-EP

MSI, world leading in motherboards and most popular brand in the X99 motherboards market is pleased to announce that all current MSI X99 motherboards fully support the next generation LGA 2011-3 socket processors, also known as ‘Broadwell-EP’. BIOS updates are now made available for download via the official MSI website. With these BIOS updates users can benefit from better performance and compatibility using the latest Intel extreme edition processors with more processor cores and higher frequencies. Highly acclaimed, MSI continues to push for outstanding performance, a unique and attractive look & feel and solid reliability for its X99 motherboards.

X99A GODLIKE GAMING CARBON with new ‘Broadwell-EP’ Xeon CPU

MSI X99 with new ‘Broadwell-EP’ Xeon CPU performance test

MSI X99 motherboards latest BIOS list with latest Broadwell-E(P) CPU support, available for download at

MSI, Proud Winner of COMPUTEX d&i Awards 2016 Receiving honors with new gaming laptop and mini-desktops

[MSI, HQ] The winners of COMPUTEX d&i awards 2016 are finally unveiled. 107 participants from 12 countries submitted 253 entries to be evaluated by a high profile jury and only 87 entries were selected as winners. MSI, the world leading gaming brand, once again receives the honor and wins 3 awards with its brand-new, elegant full-arc designed GS73 gaming laptop. Also MSI’s small, powerful and high performance desktops, the MSI Vortex gaming PC and Cubi 2 Plus mini-PC received the d&I award.

COMPUTEX d&i awards honor excellent designs and innovations and have been an essential part of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world. Since 2008, COMPUTEX d&i awards have won industry acclaim for ushering in a new wave of design concepts. An international jury of professionals has discussed and evaluated all submitted entries in a dedicated, critical and constructive manner, to make sure all award winners are best-of-the-best innovations worthy of the name.

MSI GS73: a gaming beast in a slim design
MSI GS73 uses high density aluminum alloy to form the main body. The delicate brushed metal mixed with elegant full-arc design evolves new gaming style. Long inhale grills in front of the keyboard generate four side exhale design, delivering ultimate performance in a slim chassis. The lower case adopts forged aluminum process to maintain the strength and make the whole body slimmer. What’s more, the metal plate in the middle can be customized for professional gamers to show unique personality.


MSI Cubi 2 Plus: small body, powerful mind
With its compact and stylish design, MSI Cubi 2 Plus is ideal to serve as HTPC at home, all-round media PC in the office or commercial project PC. Featuring the latest Intel® 35W “Low TDP” Skylake-S Processors, the Cubi 2 Plus packs the new 5×5 mini-STX motherboard, the smallest motherboard possible. The socket design makes CPU upgrading possible and replacing the 2.5” HDD or SSD can be easily done through the HDD cover.

MSI Vortex: unrivaled gaming performance and a dazzling look
MSI Vortex is absolutely a gorgeous mini gaming desktop with only 6.5 liters—half the volume of the competition. To achieve the highest performance, the body was raised higher for the Silent Storm cooling system to direct enormous air flow into the machine and then produce turbo air stream through the top fan to exhaust the heat and gain the best cooling performance.

BIOSTAR H110MD PRO D4 Motherboard Announced – Increased performance, reliability and stability for system builders

April 29th, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR proudly announces its latest PRO Series motherboard addition: the BIOSTAR H110MD PRO D4. This motherboard allows system builders to utilize DDR4 memory modules with their builds to accommodate the transition from DDR3 to DDR4 and gain the benefits of the newer standard including lower operating voltages and higher speeds at lower latencies.

The BIOSTAR H110MD PRO D4 supports the latest 6th-generation Intel Core processors and uses the H110 chip supports DDR4-2133 and DDR4-1866 memory modules of up to 32GB capacity. The board integrates the core features of the BIOSTAR PRO series notably the Tough Power Enhanced power design for improved stability and AudioArt capacitors that deliver an incredible listening experience versus similar motherboards.

The BIOSTAR H110MD PRO D4 strikes a perfect balance of price and features. Allowing support for modern technology, users now gain the benefit of modern standard to help them setup a robust and reliability system for their daily needs for both work and entertainment.

The BIOSTAR H110MD Pro motherboard has an MSRP of $54.99.

BIOSTAR PRO Series Features

Audio Art Capacitors – high-end Japanese Nichicon audio capacitors bring audio to life to offer a whole new artistic dimension and clarity to your listening experience.
Tough Power Enhanced – high-endurance power design allows the BIOSTAR PRO series motherboards to endure high-current with consistent full energy output without additional energy loss.
Super LAN Surge Protection – BIOSTAR adds another layer of protection to your motherboard by providing a more advanced LAN port with anti-static protection via an integrated chip to improve electrical stability and prevent damage via lighting strikes and power surges. SLSP (Super LAN Surge Protection) series motherboard improves the standard of system protection up to 4x that of other boards.

BIOSTAR 6+ Experience

The new BIOSTAR PRO Series will carry on the exclusive BIOSTAR 6+ Experience feature set which delivers the best BIOSTAR has to offer: Speed+, Audio+, Video+, Durable+, Protection+ and DIY+.


CHIPSET Intel H110
CPU SUPPORT Intel® Core™ i7 LGA 1151 Processor
Intel® Core™ i5 LGA 1151 Processor
Intel® Core™ i3 LGA 1151 Processor
Intel® Pentium® LGA 1151 Processor
Maximum CPU TDP (Thermal Design Power) : 91Watt
MEMORY Support Dual Channel DDR4 2133/ 1867 MHz
2 x DDR4 DIMM Memory Slot
Max. Supports up to 32GB Memory
EXPANSION SLOT 1 x PCI-E x16 3.0 Slot
2 x PCI-E x1 2.0 Slot
STORAGE 4 x SATA3 Connector
USB 2 x USB 3.0 Port
1 x USB 3.0 Header
2 x USB 2.0 Port
2 x USB 2.0 Header
LAN Realtek RTL8111H – 10/100/1000 Controller
Support Super LAN Surge Protection
DIMENSION Micro ATX Form Factor Dimension: 22.6cm x 17.4cm ( W x L )
FEATURES Supports 100% Solid capacitor
Supports Charger Booster
Supports BIOS Online Update
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OPPO Gelar 5G Academy Ajang Sosialisasi 5G di Indonesia

Jakarta, –  Hari ini OPPO menggelar OPPO 5G Academy, sebuah kegiatan yang ditujukan untuk mengedukasi jaringan generasi ke-5 kepada media dan...